She beseeches Walder to end the newest massacre and allow Robb so you’re able to leave

Lord Walder, seeing that Robb features survived the first barrage, introduces a give to halt the new carnage and observe Robb’s distress having cruel activities. Catelyn, that has taken sanctuary under the girl dining table, sees you to Walder Frey’s 8th spouse, Joyeuse Frey, is concealing beneath Walder’s table and you can rushes forward, hauling her out and you can putting a desk blade to help you the girl mouth area. She also offers by herself because the good hostage in return for Robb’s life, desperately yelling within Robb simply to walk out while he can be but he’s too astonished more than Talisa’s demise and you can alternatively poignantly seems on her corpse.

When Robb doesn’t function, she transforms returning to Walder and you may guarantees that they will not retaliate in the event that he or she is permitted to real time, swearing a keen oath. Walder fireplaces right back you to she already swore an oath to him you to Robb do get married their child. From inside the a history plea off frustration, she swears for her award because the an effective Tully and you can good Stark whenever Robb is not permitted to get off brand new chamber, she’ll slit his wife’s throat. Walder weighs in at the options within his lead before glibly answering “I am going to get a hold of other.”

Robb, injured with quite a few crossbow bolts, crawls towards the Talisa and you can embraces this lady, devastated over the loss of their beloved partner and you will unborn kid

Robb next in some way discovers the latest electricity in order to pull himself straight back to his foot, and you may weakly calls out “Mother!” so you’re able to the girl in an effective daze. Since Catelyn looks into Robb’s sight, Roose Bolton stages in top out-of Robb and informs him “this new Lannisters posting their connection”, stabbing your through the heart. Robb is actually killed instantly and offers a last, inactive turn to their mother prior to the guy passes away alongside their wife.

Correct to help you her keyword, Catelyn slits Joyeuse’s throat and you will allows out an effective wail from suffering, thinking all of this lady sons becoming dead. Walder shows absolutely nothing question more than his wife’s demise or perhaps the lingering massacre, nonchalantly taking their wine. Catelyn upcoming becomes catatonic, silently watching Robb’s corpse into the wonder and you will utter despair, perhaps not responding once the her own mouth area is slit almost on bones regarding behind because of the Black Walder.

A while later, due to the fact slaughter of one’s Stark army encamped outside the Twins raged with the, observed from the Lord Bolton on the battlements, the fresh new Freys horrifically desecrate Robb’s corpse by decapitating they and you will skewering the head regarding their deceased direwolf within the put. Then they parade it in the keep atop a pony, a final insult towards Queen regarding the Northern. Numerous Stark and Tully troops make an effort to react, but they are also inebriated. Even the defenseless soldiers are given no mercy, a lot of them commonly also granted a simple death; some are burnt real time within tents, a person is caught up together with feet ripped off, and several try hanged out of trees.

Catelyn’s corpse is also desecrated (although we do not select this take place in the tv type): in the vicious mockery out-of conventional Household Tully funeral service lifestyle, and this involve cremating a human anatomy on the a burning watercraft lay adrift about Trident River, the fresh new Freys unceremoniously affair Girls Catelyn’s corpse naked regarding battlements of your own Twins, throwing it for the river so you’re able to decompose because if they was in fact only rubbish. Amidst the newest in pretty bad shape, Arya escapes towards the horseback towards Hound.


The newest incidents of the Purple Relationships effectively stop the new dispute between Domestic Stark and you may Home Lannister inside a definitive earn for Queen Joffrey Baratheon along with his house. Besides is Robb himself murdered regarding betrayal, but the entire North army one to Robb led to southern area Westeros has also been missing; rescue simply for men and women forces regarding House Karstark, which had before abandoned Robb to go back household just after he performed Rickard Karstark, in addition to pushes out-of Family Bolton and their bannermen hence became on the other North Homes. To have their part on betrayal, Lord Frey try supplied the fresh palace out-of Riverrun and promised Lannister protection from people northern retaliation. Lord Walder got his people just take Edmure out of their matrimony bed real time, because Riverrun had not but really fell so you’re able to Lannister forces and Lord Edmure is actually a valuable hostage to help you develop negotiate its quit during the the long run. Roose Bolton, to possess their region at a negative balance Matrimony, try provided this new label out-of Warden of your Northern, significantly raising his Residence’s prominence. The new Boltons also are offered the grounds out-of Winterfell by itself.