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“You know, I was. Everyone loves they. And i also won’t have to live-in a scene in which We need change the color of my personal skin to feel safe, feeling seen, to feel like I am not a target. I’d rather change the globe.” -J’onn J’onzz [src] In disguise out-of Hank Henshaw, J’onn seemed cold and you can calculating, convinced that Kara using the woman energies manage just add to the personal unrest for the filipinocupid-datingsite reason that their cousin’s heroics.

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“The greater big date We invest since the Hank Henshaw, the new reduced I want to face what We have lost. Nevertheless when We change my personal county, shapeshift to the people new, label on the newest powers, I get a stride nearer to getting the fresh new Martian Manhunter forever. And he produces worry and you will hysteria. I know, I have seen it. Not only is it one to I am best off because human. ” -J’onn J’onzz in order to Alex Danvers [src]

Shortly after J’onn found their genuine label to help you Alex and you will Kara correspondingly, he could be actually type, compassionate, selfless, practical, provides a feeling of fairness, award and has an excellent morals. The guy does also have a very sharp laughter possesses started proven to care for Alex and you may Kara since if these were his or her own girl concise when Clark implicated him regarding not taking care of Kara’s better-are, J’onn lashed out, informing Clark to view his throat as he significantly cares on Kara; however, despite this, J’onn rapidly back whenever Clark threatened him, when you look at the an intimidating styles; demonstrating that he is scared of the kryptonian superhero and that’s reluctant to go into a confrontation having your.

Normally, J’onn is very relaxed, level-going and you may patient, as he hardly loses his state of mind, not, they have zero tolerance just in case you disrespect their comrades. J’onn is even cold towards the folks that he detests once and for all reasons; particularly Sam Lane, as a result of the latter’s pompous, impolite, ungrateful, selfish and you can immoral traits.


J’onn was really unwilling to play with their vitality, when he thinks individuals will get harm if the guy does have fun with her or him. Although not, immediately following his title because the Martian Manhunter try revealed for the D., the guy gradually be more confident in his efforts and you will alien society, just like the J’onn keeps actually starts to explore their efforts more frequently.

There was a dark colored top to help you J’onn’s identity; when he would be cool, horrible, ruthless and you will vengeful toward his opposition who he has got an individual grudge against, it is evidenced by the truth when he appear deal with-to-face having a light Martian, however features murdered aforementioned, when the Kara and you may Alex hadn’t confident him so you’re able to free it’s life. J’onn provides an intense hatred toward Light Martians on account of the fact that they eliminated his whole battle and you can slain his entire loved ones with no obvious need; just to indulge her warmongering desires. Which caused it to be hard for J’onn to simply accept not all White Martians, instance M’gann M’orzz try worst.

J’onn was mindful but as well small-sighted, as he solved to store Kryptonite on the D. as a backup, to guard against possibly rogue Kryptonians, thus; resulting in a falling-out anywhere between your and you can Clark Kent, exactly who considered that the brand new Kryptonite the latest D. got you will fall in not the right hands and perform sooner getting utilized facing your or their cousin Kara, a well known fact J’onn didn’t imagine. That it concern about Clark’s proved to be proper, even though the problem are fixed when all D.is why Kryptonite try trusted to help you your.

Despite J’onn getting an enthusiastic alien themselves and you may seeking the earth to get a comfort zone where people and you can aliens equivalent can be live-in peace, he or she is a beneficial hypocrite and contains dilemmas thinking other aliens, when president Olivia nesty work, a great decree toward giving aliens new liberties out of You.S. residents, he was unsure about it, claiming you to particular aliens would benefit from Olivia’s goodwill; but not, aforementioned put J’onn within his place, reminding your the same thing was previously told you regarding him, whenever their title since the “Martian Manhunter” is actually shown towards D., given that J’onn was being hypocritical.