Chloe spoke the very last line of the series

On closure scene regarding Go out 8, she, as well as Cole and you may Arlo, is enjoying Jack to the good CTU drone when he was escaping out-of a near delivery. Chloe assured to guard Jack’s family relations and you can, in addition to President Taylor, wanted to get your as often time since she will to have your to leave the world through to the People in the us and you can Russians already been after him to own his strategies. Whining, she ordered Arlo to help you remember the drone and cancel the video supply, and you can spotted because the Jack’s face become extinct.

Arrest [ ]

Chloe is detained of the representatives of your own FBI for her role in aiding Jack stay away from the authorities. Broker Frank tried to coerce the girl toward discussing where Jack got gone, harmful that she faced a prison term of at least fifteen years, but she stayed resolute, and was escorted regarding her flat if you are Morris and you can Prescott watched. ( “Chloe’s Stop” )

Once Go out 8 [ ]

If Chloe try convicted or invested time in prison is actually unsure. At some point, Chloe inserted the company Open Cell. Later on Morris and you can Prescott was slain as to what she felt is a try for her lifetime, but had been a genuine collision.

Day nine [ ]

Chloe has been seized and you will tortured. If you’re Adrian will not let, Chloe agrees, telling Jack he would only needed seriously to inquire the lady. Chloe assists Jack go after Yates who is killed by his girlfriend Simone Al-Harazi. Chloe misses Simone given that she believes she sees Morris and you can Prescott and that’s obligated to define what happened on it so you’re able to Jack. Even with her incapacity so you’re able to apprehend Simone, Chloe is able to identify their by way of face recognition and they read the woman mom Margot Al-Harazi try at the rear of the brand new attack. She paltalk Zeichen in recovers enough of Yates’ records temporarily to discover that the new attack has something you should manage that have drones and you will supports Jack in cracking towards United states Embassy observe Lieutenant Chris Tanner which are faced with starting an effective drone assault you to slain four troops. Adrian Get across betrays them to eradicate Jack in which he tries to remotely upload the new flight trick studies so you’re able to her thus she can finish the mission. Whenever Jack run off of energy, he is sure to provide the fresh airline the answer to CIA agent Kate Morgan whom Chloe books compliment of doing the newest upload. Having Adrian’s assist, Chloe finds the brand new proof they were shopping for in the long run getting Heller to help you soil the newest drone collection, however prior to Margot gets six of 10 drones she wanted. Immediately following Jack are arrested by the Kate, Chloe works with their to try to avoid the radical attack even after Adrian Cross’ means one to she avoid. She is able to discover that a shadow toward Margot’s threat content try a trap, but they are struggling to prevent the ambush in time. She stays behind to help adopting the remainder of Open Phone departs and you can supports Jack and you will Kate in the hacking Karl Rask’s computer leading the woman to Simone. Immediately after having to relocate to a pub, Chloe spends a data computer you to definitely Simone’s spouse Naveed had left to efficiently deceive Margot Al-Harazi’s system. When you’re the woman is not able to take control of the brand new drones, she is able to cycle the fresh new provide and you will conserve Chairman Heller’s life. Which have Adrian’s help, Chloe might possibly tune the newest Al-Harazi’s and help Jack stop the depletion out-of Waterloo Channel, protecting a huge number of life.

Pursuing the Al-Harazi’s try deceased, Chloe informs Jack it was nice observe him again, such old minutes, but she isn’t really undertaking any longer, just before dangling up and making having Adrian Mix, whom many thanks the woman getting ‘another chance.’